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Detail Collector and the Tile

It's Week 5 of the One Room Challenge and its been all about the details. The floor design is a herringbone pattern and it is beautiful but its a grind with all the details on the edging. So many small cuts to fit the corners and border the walls. This is the time consuming part of the remodel that feels like it will never end. Because of this I don't have much to share this week but I can say that all the collecting I have done over the past few months are starting to peek out and I am getting excited again. I bought these Vintage French sconces on Etsy that bring so much joy and sparkle, this olive green Florentine vase from an Instagram vintage seller @rehomingtreasureskc and my handmade Moroccan brass faucets that make me feel so spoiled and thankful (more about that later)

In the meantime, its been all about finishing the floors this week. We have finally placed our last pieces and now the work of cleaning up the grout begins. This seems like a minor thing to do but when I tell you there is grout stuck on top of tile I am not kidding. We got messy, stayed up late and then go to bed with out cleaning. No, this is not our full time gig so all the work is done after my husbands work and my studio time everyday and we ( I ) get kind of lazy with the clean up. BUT we are getting there little by little. In the picture above, the wiring for the chandelier is in place and it will be hung after we fix the ceiling, patch, sand and then paint it. This is more details that take up a lot of time but of course has to be done. We have three weeks to go?!

The million tiny cuts

The floors cover the entire bathroom , shower and in the closet so it was a lot of space to cover. It feels like we are finally past the midway point of this remodel so I am hopeful that we will get there. Oh yeah and my vanity is here so I can take all my bathroom supplies off my dresser and the floor. Now that's some accomplishments y'all.

Oh yes, before I forget we went with French Grey by Farrow and Ball and I am in love. And I am dying to show you the wall trim details that just arrived. Talk about a game changer in how it is going to elevate this space.

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Mel, you know how I feel about the tile, the paint color, and allllll of the gorgeous little details!!!! Can’t wait- you’re almost there!!!

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