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Week 2 ORC-The "In Between" Post

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

So we are already on to week two and I would say this is the point that the excitement of starting and tearing down walls is over and the fear has set in that the whole idea and design is not going to work. I call this the "ugly- why did I do this" part of every painting. I have learned through the years that if I am patient and stick with it and work past this that the beauty will start to come through. That or I have a canvas that is half painted and rejected sitting on the bottom of my studio floor. Haha. Ok, I can honestly say that does not happen that often so I need to stay positive here.

So what have we done so far?

We have tore down three walls and built two more walls to close up openings where the closet doors used to be.

This is my husbands side of the closet that is being opened up.

This is the door to my husbands closet that is being closed up and a door installed on the new toilet room. This is also the photo validation that I will never be a professional blogger. I am so bad at taking before photos and seem to only take videos and then write captions on them for my IG stories. I have to go back and try to remove the caption as you can clearly see from my blurry edit.

Moving on....

Here is the destruction of the 50,000 pound tub and three piece mirror. We had to dismantle it piece by piece as we were never going to be able to remove it any other way.

The tub was removed, a partial wall was built with an arch opening and my side of the closet wall was removed to make a clear path between where the tub was and the two closets can now meet.

We installed Ikea Pax System for the new closet that we will upgrade with trim molding and hardware. I will show more of the inside of the closet as we get the flooring down but for now this is where we are in the next photo.

Here is the new opening to the closet with the PAX system in place and vintage hardware installed that I found on eBay. I still find it hard to believe that this is the exact spot as the previous photo was. Right there in front of those pink shoes is where this used to be (see below)

I did not even bother editing the captions out of the photo.

We tore out the old shower and I cannot wait to show you the new shower. I will keep you in suspense as that is what every good blogger does. Keep you wanting more. 😉

We will hopefully have all of the flooring down for week three. I also hope I can adjust my attitude and get excited about choosing a paint color and remember "this is the necessary ugly phase" and the beauty IS going to come through.

Go see what the other participants are doing. I am excited to see how they are coming along. There are so many good ones. Let me know what's inspiring you. xoxo Mel


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