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Week 6- My Crown, the trim

It's week 6 and I am literally down to the last hours that I can post to make the deadline this week. I promised myself this time I was going to make every week no matter what. Well, I had not planned out that promise to myself considering this is also entering the week of my biggest sale of the year! I have so many details to finish for that and I am always stressed getting my website up to date and the collections photographed and test prints approved. SOOO all that to say that I am very happy to be able to tell you that the part of the bathroom reno that I have been most excited started and is installed. I actually drew plans for it and ordered the special details that was going to elevate this design to French Chateau levels ( I know that is far reaching a spectacular but lets go with this dream).

Let me show you!

These are corner hand carved wood appliques that I dreamed of. I needed to find the trim pieces to match up with these and at the end of the day we had to trim a off the edge of some picture moulding but y'all they are a dream.

We have a lot of clean up work from caulking and wood filler to cleanup nail holes but the vision is here and I can not stop staring. I am so excited that something I dreamt up my husband was able to execute like he was in my


So I have to get back to reality and get back to all my busy work for the week ahead but I wanted to make sure I checked in with you and you can see that this is not easy, I have a work life outside of this and just everyday hiccups that come up that I have to attend to. The magic of Instagram is not real life. Not for a long shot. BUT lets take a look at a larger view and have a moment of silence.

Even with all the nail holes and fixes she's PERFECT 😍

Make sure you check on the other designers and guest particpants.


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