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One Room Challenge - Master bath and closet remodel

This is week one of the challenge known as ORC on Instagram sponsored by Better Homes and Gardens. For those of you who were around in 2019 I participated in a full Kitchen ORC where my husband and I tore down four rooms, four different ceiling heights and floor surfaces to create a 450 sq. ft. kitchen and dining space. It was a huge undertaking and massive challenges but we made it to the finish line even though I was basking in the glory from the Urgent Care waiting room. Lets hope this has more of a champagne ending. *My IG has a highlight for the entire kitchen journey.

The Challenge: We will be taking our bathroom with its late 70s/early 80s design of a his and her vanities and his and her closets set on opposite sides of the room with standing shower set between them. Center stage we have the panoramic mirrored, up on a full platform stage, jacuzzi tub that has seen more dust than bodies since we have moved in. (I might dare to say even longer since it has its own mortgage rate for the water bill it takes to fill it up)

My closet has a standing shoe rack that holds 30 pairs of shoes which means in the narrow closet, set to the right of the jacuzzi tub, I have to enter side ways to get to my clothes. This made it impossible to organize anything inside my closet or even see what was inside. So a once proud color coded and era categorized vintage clothes hoarder, I have become the basket at the bottom of door dumping ground and grab whatever is on top of the pile to later return to the same pile fashionista. So sad.

The toilet being exposed was also a problem. I will just leave that there.

The real culprit is the standing shower. It was not the unattractive design with the built in bench that left room to only stand in one spot with your buns on one wall and feet on the other wall to shave your legs. No, it was the fact that you could only take a shower for as long as you could see the water rising to the glass door before it will spill out. That line right above the tile and door was your timer to get out fast. We knew there were plumbing issues that was leading to water damage under the tiles as they were starting to buckle and black mold was starting to form from the water laying under the surface. This was all masked during inspection of the house with the new 99c tile and over caulking that we found out later our neighbor installed. So realizing this was a long over due job we knew that it would have to be a total gut. We also knew it would need to be redesigned with moving the shower so this means the entire space would have to be a complete do over.

Disgusting shower and notice the missing fan on the ceiling


The Design plan



Mood Board

So the plan is to demo the entire space down to the studs. Moving the shower opens up the space and we can enclose the toilet. I want an arch entry into the closet and keep the skylight in the there where it use to be above the tub for additional light. We also decided to put the marble floor that is being laid in a herringbone pattern in the entire bathroom and closet. So this is not the easiest route but I am excited to see the transformation. I hope you follow along and enjoy all the surprise packages. I can tell you I have made a big mistake in ordering already. Fun fun :)

Also, visit One Room Challenge to see all of the participants and featured designers.

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Mel, you’re going to rock this one!!!! Can’t wait to follow along!

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