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Week 7- One more week ?!?!

I can not believe the ORC is almost over. We are heading into reveal week and I have something special happening and if all goes well its going to be...well...lots of crying.

I am also just wrapping up my Annual Sale and OMG y'all I am overwhelmed, grateful, in a bit of disbelief and immensely thankful. You all showed UP!!!

I also can not believe I was able to get everything accomplished this week and ended the weekend with a BANG! Biggest sale ever and I am beyond!

Ok, focus. Back to bathroom.

It's finally getting to the point where the styling can start to happen. Granted, there is still a huge mess and so much touch up work and clean up but I can start to see the vision and the details are going up.

Let me show you one that I am so so excited about.

I bought these yellow striped curtains from Lush Décor Store (95") and they are so lux feeling and exactly what I envisioned. Yellow cabana stripes and French Grey.. yes please! I was able to fold them in half so they would show the yellow stripes inside of the closet as well. I love that they hang to the side as a peek a boo accent on the side of the archway. This seemed like a risky design move but I could not love it more. Take risks, it can surprise you sometimes and work out better that you imagined.

The details of trim and paint are finally coming to the finish line and we are now able to enter the closet without getting dust on our feet or stepping over tools. I was able to finally get a photo of the inside of the closet.

The closet was a huge part of why we wanted to remodel this bathroom. If you remember or go back to Week One we had 2 small cramped closets on either side of the enormous jacuzzi tub with the three sided mirror around it...felt like a 1970's porn set. Who thought that was....?! Anyways, we wanted to change the design and have a long connected closet. We bought seven Ikea Pax wardrobes and two smaller ones as well as added drawers to the wardrobe system. You can customize them in many different ways with all of the added options like the shoe organizer. I bought vintage pulls to give the drawers a little extra detail. We also added crown molding and trim where the systems meet together to give it a truly custom feel. They look like they are one unit on each side of the walls.

The runner for this space was like the flying unicorn I needed. The floor space is not super wide but very long. So when I saw @Kyrosedesigns on Instagram had this art deco runner with brown and turquoise details I was thrilled when I pulled out my tape measure and saw that it was PERFECT at 13 feet long and two feet wide!

Vintage pulls gave the drawers that added touch and unique feel. You know, gave them some character. They are 9 inches long because these drawers are pretty long and they give them balance. All in all my 3 days and many hours on eBay paid off and found 9 vintage pulls 9 inches long. Not easy to find, trust me on that.

This week is going to be total focus as I am the only one that can accomplish this final detail. Ok, I will tell you...its a mural. I have been working on the overall feel I want but like I paint everything I won't totally know until the brushes are out and hit the wall. So wish me luck and I hope to see you back here full of tears from joy. xo Mel

Check out the other accounts as they are nearing the end of the journey as well. Let me know which accounts you are excited to see reveal.


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